Primary Colours Art Group 2015


2015 was a very special year for the Primary Colours Art Group because they celebrated their 20th Anniversary, and I was happy to be the invited guest to open the 2015 exhibition just as I have done for the past 20 years.


The three main groups and people who make this incredible annual exhibition work are:

  • Ms. Angela Mitchell, School Principal, who opens the Loreto gymnasium space to the public to admire, and purchase, the incredible artistic works on display;
  • The ongoing support from The City of Dublin Education and Training Board;
  • And of course the all-inspiring and real Hero is the art teacher herself, Ms. Frances Wood.

The works of amazingly high quality art that you can see here are produced by the local community, who have no previous experience of painting. This proves that no matter who we are, Frances Wood can bring out the latent talent hidden from view in most of us.

As I have said, I was privileged to be invited over all those 20 years to open, admire and derive such immense pleasure from seeing how “ordinary” people can do extraordinary things. You will see these things in the pictures from this and previous years that I have on display elsewhere on this website.

This year there were more than 150 paintings on display from 29 artists.

Take a look and see for yourself the talented people and their beautiful art in my pictures below.